Minggu, 04 Mei 2008

Cards from Mouth


After producing cards from the air one by one, you need a good finish. This is one great finish to backpalming cards and producing them from thin air.

You point to your empty mouth and reach inside. Instantly a mouthful of cards pour out.

This is also a good finish to springing the cards from hand to hand.


This is another great fun trick that keeps the audience in a good mood.

The mechanics of this trick are fairly simple, although the timing and misdirection are what is going to be the part you will need to focus on when you practice this.

Palm about 20-30 cards in your right hand. Leave this hand at your side. Do this when the attention is on something else, at the end of a previous trick, or after you have produced cards from thin air.

Point to your mouth with your left hand and open your eyes really big.

As you start to open your mouth, bring your right hand up to your face and simply push the cards about halfway into your mouth. Immediately let the cards spill out and use your left hand to grab them as they come pouring out.

**Warning for your Health** don't use anyone else's cards for this. First of all, they don't want their cards in your mouth. And more importantly, you don't know how many dirty and grimy hands have touched their cards. You don't want to make yourself sick. The two times I have done this effect at a restaurant where I do magic nightly (with my own cards) after working for a couple of hours. Many people have touched the cards, and I don't know why I put them into my mouth. Anyway, BOTH times, I was sick within a day or two afterward. Coincidence? I don't know, but it sure wasn't worth it enough to try it again to find out for sure. Yuck!


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Sabtu, 03 Mei 2008

Kartu di dalam botol

Penonton disuruh memilih dan memberi tanda sebuah kartu remi dengan spidol kemudian menaruhnya kembali bersama kumpulan kartu lainnya kemudian di kocok.

Pesulap melempar menyebar semua kartu ke belakang penonton.Kemudian kartu yang sudah ditandai itu ada di dalam botol.

Setelah kartu itu ditandai oleh seorang penonton pesulap / David Blain menyimpan kartu tersebut, kemudian melakukan trik lain terhadap orang yang sama yang tidak menggunakan kartu dan secara diam-diam kartu yang ditandai itu diberikan pada cameraman atau pada kru-nya. Sementara pesulap mengalihkan perhatian dengan cara memainkan sulap lain, kru-nya kemudian memasukkan kartu tersebut ke dalam botol.

Setelah mendapat kode dari kru, barulah si pesulap melanjutkan permainan yang pertama (kartu dalam botol), tapi kali ini dia berusaha menebak kartu yang ditandai itu.Setelah tidak dapat menebak untuk beberapa kartu, kemudian ia pun melempar/menyebar semua kartu itu kebelakang penonton.

David kemudian berkata kepada semua penonton lalu berkata, "Lihat kartu itu ada di dalam botol.

Di awal permainan jangan katakan bahwa anda akan melakukan sulap kartu kedalam botol.

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